Paraguay Remembered


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Technical Profile

HD and 16mm / 90′ / B & W and Colour / 4:3
Director : Dominique Dubosc
Editing : Dominique Dubosc and Bernard Josse
Musics : Panambi Vera, de Asuncion Flores
Rojhacjhuhete Ningo Che, de Perez Peralta
This film was selected for the International competition in the following festivals: Nyon (Visions du Réel), Yamagata (YIDFF), Mumbai (MIFF), Quito…


A documentary filmmaker returns to Paraguay for the first time in forty years. As he wanders in Asuncion and meets old and new friends, fragments of memories he had forgotten are revived. The shooting process itself becomes the way to remember. Little by little, his memories take him back to a romantic encounter with a woman in Argentina. Incidents of oppression under dictatorship are intertwined with his private recollections. The past is found mirrored in the landscape of the present.

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