New Travels in Great Garabagne

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Technical Profile

DV Color and B&W – 4:3 – Palestine
Camera & Direction: Dominique Dubosc
Production: Kinofilm 2017

The Great Garabagne is a New World which Henri Michaux explored in 1936.The customs of the different tribes and the simple and always plausible explanations given by the natives are written down with ethnographic precision, like so many little vignettes. There is really nothing very new in these customs, except perhaps the degree: the degree of hatred for example.
Great Garabagne is undoubtedly located in our interior sea that Michaux calls the space within. It also exists, without a doubt, outside of us. Thus, travelling myself several times in a country that doesn’t exist, even though it has been much talked about for the past 2000 years, I finally saw in the relations between its two tribes (the dominating and the dominated) a form of madness not to be found except in Great Garabagne.