The LIP Conflit, 1973-1974

Technical Profile

16mm B&W – Duration : 75 minutes
Directed by Dominique Dubosc
Produced by SONIMAGE-INA 1976
KINOFILM 1997 (for the restored French version)


The mythical strike at the LIP clock factory, better known as « the LIP Conflict » has been, due to the importance of the economic and political questions it raised, to the different forms of organization it assumed, and to its scope and popularity, one of the largest social events of the second half of the 20th century in Europe. Continue reading “The LIP Conflit, 1973-1974”

The Quest for Strategy

Original Article: Between Lines, Oct, 2002

Azmi Bishara
October 2002

On 3 September, Muwatin, The Palestinian Institute for the Study of Democracy hosted a one day conference in Ramallah entitled “From Occupation to Reform: The Missing File”. A wide swathe of Ramallah’s political, intellectual and cultural elite attended and participated in the conference, despite the continuously imposed Israeli curfew on the city for the last three months. Following is a transcript of MK Azmi Bishara’s (National Democratic Alliance – Tajamu’/Balad) keynote speech – significant not merely for its insightful content, but also for the degree to which Bishara’s opinions are respected within ’67 and ’48 Palestinian circles. Note: The conference took place before the 10 days Israeli siege of the Muqata’a which ended on 29 September. Continue reading “The Quest for Strategy”

Occupier’s Law

by Rami Shehade

Part One: Military Orders as the legislative basis of occupation administration
7th June 1967: the Israeli military occupy the Palestinian West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza Strip. On the same day, the occupying force issues the first Military Proclamation, asserting control over the area “in the interests of security and public Continue reading “Occupier’s Law”