Review: ‘Remembering Palestine’ (Sobhi al-Zobaidi)

Réminiscences d’un voyage en Palestine
Directed by Dominique Dubosc

Review by Sobhi al-Zobaidi


Remembering Palestine, which was screened at Sakakini Center (Ramallah) on 1.4.04, is a film that I dare to say belongs to the realm of the unconscious more than the conscious. It is dark, shady, and horrific and it is filled with those images that one is bound to see in one’s dreams because they are very strong images. It is also because there is almost no narrative in the film, no spoken word to anchor the images in a certain logic or order. The images we see in the film are similar to those images we see on the screen of our dreams, they are related by association, and filled with horrors that can unleash our most hidden fears and repressions. Continue reading “Review: ‘Remembering Palestine’ (Sobhi al-Zobaidi)”

The Quest for Strategy

Original Article: Between Lines, Oct, 2002

Azmi Bishara
October 2002

On 3 September, Muwatin, The Palestinian Institute for the Study of Democracy hosted a one day conference in Ramallah entitled “From Occupation to Reform: The Missing File”. A wide swathe of Ramallah’s political, intellectual and cultural elite attended and participated in the conference, despite the continuously imposed Israeli curfew on the city for the last three months. Following is a transcript of MK Azmi Bishara’s (National Democratic Alliance – Tajamu’/Balad) keynote speech – significant not merely for its insightful content, but also for the degree to which Bishara’s opinions are respected within ’67 and ’48 Palestinian circles. Note: The conference took place before the 10 days Israeli siege of the Muqata’a which ended on 29 September. Continue reading “The Quest for Strategy”